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Corporate Christmas Presents – What You Should Not Do?

Corporate Christmas Presents

Deciding on the right corporate Christmas presents can be a difficult decision.

It is no doubt a great idea, but it does require a lot of conscious effort. And if you don’t do things the right way, chances are your efforts (and the funds that you spend!) can go waste.

Whether it is your employees or clients or even your partners, you want to make sure the gifts are well received and add to their festive spirit.

If your gifts aren’t thoughtful, it is more likely to annoy your employees and ruin your brand image in front of clients.

Corporate Christmas Presents

If you don’t want your corporate Christmas presents to be a futile effort here are some things that you should NOT do:

  • Go Cheap. Nothing disappoints employees more than gifts that are cheap and have no value for the employee. It may look like an easy way out to buy Christmas presents that cost less. But, be aware that your employees will know that the gifts didn’t cost much. And in a world where the valuation is done in terms of money, your attempts of saving a couple of dollars will do you no good.
  • Go Generic. We don’t mean to tell you that you should give each of your employees a separate gift (though you can definitely do that if you have the time and budget!) What we mean to tell you is that you should not go for things that aren’t customised for your brand. Or things that bear no utility for your employees.If you think that the gift that you are giving will be kept in a corner in your employees' or clients' closets, you should know that this isn’t the right gift.
  • Boring Options. There is no point in giving corporate Christmas presents that your employees or clients will also get from other sources too. If your employees or clients will be getting the gift that you are planning from others as well, you’d lose your point of uniqueness. Instead, look for thoughtful options that will make sure the receiver feels special.
  Corporate Christmas Presents

Now, we understand that finding thoughtful corporate Christmas presents is something that you want to do right. To make your task easy, we take the burden off your shoulders.

We make use of our years of experience and marketing minds, to find corporate Christmas presents for you, that will make sure your efforts don’t go to waste. Contact us now.

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