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Service award programs focus not on one-time achievements but rather, on cumulative levels of performance.They direct attention to those steady, good work attitudes that bring about a happy productive workplace. The first most common area of service award recognition is length of service. See that there is awards set for every milestone, especially the first anniversary.

This way you will be letting your employees know, that management recognizes them, is pleased they've become part of the organization and wants and expects them to be around for a long, long time. This first year service need not be expensive. Employees revere and proudly wear gifts like tacks or other items of jewelry. The advantages are obvious. To maintain the loyalty and respect of your employees should be a building block of increasingly more prestigious awards, and just as important award ceremonies. We suggest the use of precious gemstone, such as ruby, sapphire, emerald and diamond for lengthier years of service. Products can also expand using the same logo jeweler to include rings and again the use of precious stones to emphasize outstanding achievements.

It is vital that there is continuity throughout the years. The program is in effect so that each award becomes established in people's minds as the award for the corresponding achievement. People will strive harder when they know precisely what they are striving for. Whatever the award, it must be identifiably your company's symbol of recognition for that particular achievement or it will lack sufficient meaning to motivate your employees.

Why Run a Service Awards Program?

  • Use incentives to buy short term team performance bursts.
  • Use employee recognition to develop long term performance attitude.
  • What we can't place a dollar value on we symbolize. That's why today's most successful recognition programs rely heavily on symbolism.
  • Recognition is not only built around a career anniversary. Companies are re-engineering their programs to help them achieve their business objectives.
  • Rewarding stellar performance is one way to combat against employee angst.
  • But rewards by themselves are not enough. You must have the infrastructure of treating people with dignity and respect.
  • Employees are staying at Companies longer. Recognition programs will help keep them motivated and productive. Whatever the tenure, rewarding the loyalty, longevity, and performance of them will only help the company in the long run.
  • The single most effective way to build motivation and boost productivity is through employee recognition. It will not replace adequate salaries and well earned raises or bonuses. It does provide psychological rewards that increase satisfaction and build commitment. Productivity as a result will benefit. Employees tend to be more satisfied, productive and motivated when effective performance for productivity and quality achievements are recognized and rewarded in ways they value highly.
  • Only recently have companies begun to realize that its employees that create and sustain competitive advantage. Regardless of whether your Companies current management strategy is quality, re-engineering, cycle time, cost reduction, empowerment, or a combination thereof. It is the people who make it happen. They build quality into the products and provide great customer service to your customers.
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