Sales Recognition Awards

When it comes to generating new business, nothing beats a star salesperson. For your sales team to be successful, they need to know their effort is recognized and appreciated by management. Also, sales incentives are most effective when a salesperson can look forward to an award that goes beyond their commission cheque.

Sales recognition awards are a proven way to encourage healthy competition among your sales staff, and drive sales to exceed projections. Here are just a few ways our sales awards and sales incentive services will help your business:

Sales Recognition Awards

Awards are a great way to motivate your sales team to go beyond what’s asked of them.
By acknowledging their hard work, you show your sales team that management always has their back.

Supporting your sales staff with bonuses and benefits is without a doubt the best way to increase sales, and promote growth year after year. Their drive is reinforced, however, through sales recognition awards that encourage team building, mutual respect, but most of all it sparks healthy competition among your sales team.

Safety Awards

Presenting safety awards to employees lets them know their well-being is important, not just to the management, but to the company as a whole. That’s because hazards in the workplace means everyone is at risk, but they’re avoidable. That’s why encouraging your staff to be proactive in maintaining safety is a win for the company.

If you're interested in seeing how high your sales staff can reach, then providing them with gestures of encouragement and recognition is the perfect way to show appreciation beyond performance bonuses.

Everyone can play their part in maintaining safety in the workplace. Call us at (905) 695-1900 to order your sales awards today.

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