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We all want to be recognized for our achievements. A kind word, a public acknowledgment or a gift in appreciation are always welcome. Done properly, the impact on your employee’s motivation is profound. Our mission is to make you look great in front of your employees through a seamless integrated program experience. Focusing heavily on customer service, with strict attention to detail has garnered us continued praise from our loyal clients for over 15 years.

We have launched our new robust employee web based portal and points redemption system. This further enhances the user experience. Access current product offerings; review your point’s status and shipping information 24/7 in real time with customizable reporting. You only get one chance at a good first impression. After all service awards are about recognizing the hard working dedicated members of your team that day to day, year to year, exemplify and deliver your mission statement.


Why Service Awards Work:

Imagine you have been with a company for 10 years. You've worked hard, put in extra hours, taken pay cuts during hard times, and were partly responsible for its growth in the good times. Overall, you were an extremely loyal employee. Now imagine after all of those years of service and dedication, you have not received anything but an occasional pat on the back. How would you feel about your company? How would it affect your attitude and your performance?

We are all creatures of our environment, sensitive and responsive to external reward and punishment. Negative reinforcement, because it focuses on failures, does not motivate. Positive reinforcement does. Just by believing we're doing well. We'll try harder, be more persistent, feel more loyal and become more dedicated.

Service award programs are management's way of providing positive reinforcement directing attention to the rewards of dedication, loyalty, involvement and enhancement of an employee's value through public recognition.

The more reinforcement management provides, the better the results they will achieve. People need symbols of that reinforcement. Service award programs provide such symbols of pride in achievement. More than money, which can create envy or political infighting, an actual, physical award offers individuals the opportunity to gain the wholehearted recognition and approval of their peers.


  • Does your company have a systematic way of letting people know that their contributions are valued?
  • Does your company publicly single out those people who do something right, rather than those that do something wrong?
  • Has your company established fundamental goals and continually reinforce the pursuit of them?
  • Does management believe that its companies primary assets are its employees?
  • Do you encourage performance competition among workers in a way that is non -threatening?
  • Do you offer strictly monetary rewards and fail to provide symbolic ones as well?
  • Is management as totally committed to its people and their well being as they wish their employees to be towards the company and its goals?
  • Is top management visibly involved in the recognition of the employee achievement at all levels?
  • Does management reward only the top performers ignoring the remaining vast majority?

Establishing goals

Service award programs are long range programs designed to affect the overall attitudes of people within a CO. thereby enhancing their commitment to excellence in every aspect of their on the job performance.

Identifiable benefits

  • Individual Recognition
  • Pride in self and the Company
  • Teamwork a sense of belonging
  • Build morale - Improve quality of work
  • Goodwill towards the Company
  • Peer approval
  • Opportunity to stand out
  • Motivation

Compound the benefits to derived when employees are motivated, Enthusiastic, and productive, and the return on investment is expanded mightily. The prime factor in motivation is simply the self-perception among employees that they are in fact, doing well. Mere belief that they are succeeding will lead to more persistence, higher motivation and greater accomplishment.

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