Holiday Employee Gifts

Holiday Employee Gifts

Posted by | 12-11-2019

Employee gifts make a difference, especially around the holidays, regardless of holiday rituals and practices. Holiday employee gifts can be incorporated into your employee recognition program, so that employees are recognized throughout the year.

Today’s gold standard of gift giving is thoughtfulness. Often this means tailoring a gift to fit the individual. Personalizing your gifts in your employee recognition program is important because it ensures that each employee feels valued.  However, buying personalized gifts for members of your company during the holiday season can be demanding and overwhelming. Essentially, holiday employee gifts need to be egalitarian during the holiday season. By doing this, each employee feels valued in the same way because everyone receives the same gift.

For company gifts to be egalitarian and successful, the employee gifts needs to be universally appealing. You then have to consider what employee gifts would be universally appealing to your group of unique individuals. To create satisfied employees, holiday employee gifts should come in the form of food, water, health, entertainment, and electronic accessories.

Electronic devices are a real hit both for holiday employee gifts and in your year round employee recognition program. From Fitbits to headphones, and laptop sleeves to desk organizers embossed with the company logo can be quite impressive and useful to all employees. Even an office chair accessory with the company logo can create comfort for each employee, while making them feel a part of the team at the same time.

Holiday employee gifts like candles, fleece blankets (with the company logo stitched in the fabric), and winter driving gloves make the cold weather more tolerable as a suitable employee gift.

Even if you buy all your employees the same holiday gift, you can still make it thoughtful. It’s all in the messaging. Personalizing even a simple message in a holiday card can go a long way to make your employees feel valued and recognized.      

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