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Corporate Gifting Etiquette Between Employer and Employee

Posted by | 23-10-2021

A few weeks more and the holiday season will be upon us. Most people will be excited to spend their holidays with their family and friends. And if you own a business, you have a big responsibility to fulfill. Give your employees high-quality corporate Xmas presents. Your employees, whether new or old, will expect some gifts for the holiday season.  But you can’t just buy any gift you find for your employees. Or give them a generic gift and be done with your responsibility. Employees are one of the biggest assets of your business. And appreciating them during the holiday season will make a huge difference.  However, there is etiquette at giving your employees holiday gifts. In this blog post, we will tell you a few employee gift-giving etiquette norms. 

  • Amount of Cash
You don’t want your employee to get uncomfortable after receiving their holiday gift. Neither should you differentiate between employees for gifts. Make sure you remember two points. First, spend $100 or less on employee holiday gifts. Second, keep the amount you spend on employee gifts constant for all employees. The only exception to this rule is your personal assistant, achievement, and retirement awards. company Christmas gift ideas for employees
  • Gift Types
When thinking of company Christmas gift ideas for employees, make sure you choose gifts that are relevant to the employees. Avoid giving overly personalized gifts, instead, try to give them gifts that are relevant to their job. Some common employee gifts include business card holders, pen holders, passport holders, and such. Sports gifts are also acceptable such as a volleyball, spectator chairs, tennis rackets, and more. Other common gifts include gift vouchers, restaurant vouchers, or movie gift certificates. 
  • Gift Timing
As much as the type of gift you choose is important, the timing of giving the gift is also crucial. Give your employees holiday gifts at the same time so that nobody feels left out. Either you can give the gifts before the meal, or you can keep the gifts at the employees’ desks before their arrival. Hand out the achievement and retirement gifts during the celebration party.  corporate Christmas gifts for employees These are the three things that you need to remember while giving holiday gifts to your employees. And if you want to get the finest quality corporate Christmas gifts for employees, get in touch with us at Diamond Recognition. We are a leading company that provides the highest quality of corporate gifts, services awards, retirement gifts, and more. For more than 75 years, we have assisted businesses to impress their employees and clients with the best holiday gifts.  Contact us now to know more.

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