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There are Countless Ways to Value an Employee

Posted by | 06-11-2018

The value of employee awards is immeasurable. Provinces across Canada recognize the value of employee service awards in places like Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, New Brunswick, and British Columbia. Often it can be challenging as an employer to be creative and distinct when considering the kinds of awards you could gift an employee. It is helpful to consider a variety of ideas and sources to find inspiration and the right fit for your company and the people who work for you. The online publication of published an article about different ideas for gifts in creating an employee awards program. Here is the link when considering adopting an employee service awards program: In March 2018, Jonathan Long writes about 12 different ways and gift ideas for employees. He suggests that “Your business is nothing without the employees and team members that make the wheels turn day in and day out. Rewarding hard-working employees is a simple and effective way to let them know how much they are appreciated, which can then lead to increased productivity and output” ( Long is exactly right! Good employees are the back bone behind any successful company, and thus it is important to recognize their service and dedication. Long suggests that employee awards do not have to be costly, and that even small gestures are beneficial to the morale among employees in any company. He furthers this sentiment by creating 12 suggestions of gift ideas for employees. Long says that company swag, sporting events or concert tickets, and team outings can make a significant difference in the atmosphere within a company. He goes on to say that a simple company award can inspire recipients and fellow employees to increase productivity. Even something like a gym membership can be a win-win scenario where the employee feels valued and works to get fit at the same time. A nice lunch out with executives can make an employee feel important and recognized. And simple things like gifting a personal interest books or a gas card can go a long way. Creating opportunities for remote-work destinations day trips or office happy hours can bring people together with the chance to recharge and reconnect. Offering up preferred parking is a small gesture, but a valuable one. And finally, charitable donations in the name of the employee can make a person feel like he/she is giving back while doing a good job at work ( In short, employee service awards across Canada make a significant difference to both employees and employers and to the overall success of businesses.

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