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Six Steps to Create a Successful Employee Recognition Program

Posted by | 26-06-2021

Employees are one of the most essential pillars of any business. And making them feel valued and appreciated is of the utmost importance to ensure that they are highly productive and loyal to the company. Now, of course, you can appreciate them in terms of monetary recognition but according to Incentive Marketing Association, 65% of employees also prefer non-monetary recognition.  And that’s where an employee recognition program can benefit you. Employee recognition programs are quite different from incentives or rewards in a way that they are non-transactional. These programs are meant to recognize the employee and appreciate them for their effort and dedication in a meaningful way. So, if your organization still hasn’t started an employee recognition program, here are six steps to creating a successful one.  employee recognition program

  • Document Your Reasons to Start an Employee Recognition Program
Start by documenting why you want to create an employee recognition program. Is it because you want to increase your sales, or you genuinely want to appreciate the efforts put in by your employees? If you chose the latter, you are on right track. Employee recognition programs need to be created for the greater good rather than selfish motives. 
  • Interact with Employees
Each employee will be different. Some would like to be publicly recognized; however, some would like to be recognized privately. Interact with your employees to know what they would prefer. The best way to do it is by sending quick surveys to understand the overall mood of your team. 
  • Committee Formation
Make sure to form an employee recognition program committee to ensure that the program is run smoothly. Start small and then keep adding individuals. Market the employee recognition program committee in your organization and make it seem like a privilege to be a part of it. The committee will be tasked with finding and formulating methods to implement an employee recognition program. For example, employee service awards are one of the ways for the committee to recognize some employees. 
  • Create a Criteria
Don’t forget to create a criterion for awarding employee recognition program awards. Make sure that the criteria include points that allow every employee to be appreciated at some point in their tenure in your organization. This will also reduce the chances of favouritism in the company when giving recognition. employee service awards
  • Involve Managers
Don’t forget to involve managers in employee recognition programs. Most employees want to be appreciated by the people they work with. So, involving managers and immediate supervisors will be important. 
  • Practice
Once you have created an employee recognition program for your organization, it is time to practice. Initially, it might seem a bit difficult to appreciate others for their job, but it will be a satisfying and meaningful feeling long term.  And you can get in touch with us at Diamond Recognition to reward your employees efficiently. We have been offering service awards and long term performance incentives to several business organizations in Canada for the past 25 years. Contact us now to know more.

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