Service Awards for Employees

Service Awards for Employees

Posted by | 23-10-2019

It’s not always easy for employers to recognize and reward their employees. Sometimes it’s difficult for employers to make time to commend their employees on a job well done.  As humans, we strive on social interaction and a sense of belonging. In a workplace, that sense of belonging is often derived from being formally or informally recognized and appreciated for performing well.

You can't simply have a recognition program in place and assume that all of your employees will automatically feel as though their contributions are appreciated. You have to have to come up with staff recognition ideas that actually work. Each company is different, so what works for one organization might not work for another. But, generally speaking, recognition programs should be comprehensive and feedback should be given on a regular basis. If you’re going to praise your employees, make sure that recognition is genuine.

One of the best ways to ensure the success of your business is to secure the best and most productive employees — but hiring high quality candidates isn’t the only way to guarantee that you are going to get a good return on your investment. Implementing a service recognition program in your organization is an excellent step to ensure the success of your company.

There are many different service awards for employees. Here is a list of possible ideas that may work for your business:

  1. Provide your employees with a gift certificate to a local restaurant, allowing them to fully enjoy their time off from work.
  2. Create a certificate that allows them to enjoy a casual day of dress at work.
  3. Reward an employee with an extra day off to use as they wish.
  4. Throw a company party, allowing all of your employees to let their hair down and relax while at the office.
  5. Bring in breakfast as a surprise. Perhaps create a hot breakfast buffet, or opt for a continental breakfast of fruit, coffee, donuts and bagels.
  6. Gift your employees with a token of your appreciation, such as an engraved plaque or a trophy created by Diamond Recognition.
  7. Designate a special parking spot for a top-notch employee, and rotate who gets to use it on a regular basis.
  8. Send a personalized thank you note to an employee who has put in extra effort or shown a lot of growth in recent weeks.
  9. Create awards for personal accomplishments that employees might achieve, such as running a marathon or celebrating a milestone anniversary.
  10. Design a certificate that provides employees with an extra-long lunch hour. Give it out every once in a while to employees who deserve a little reward for something they have done around the office.

The possibilities are endless for employee service recognition programs. It is important that each service award for employees is genuine and specific to the recipient; knowing and valuing your employees goes a long way.


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