Safety Award Gifts

Safety Award Gifts

Posted by | 21-05-2019

Workplace safety is crucial to the success of any business and company. Both management and employees must work together to ensure safe workplace environments. Other than the desire to be safe, safety award gifts prove to be an excellent incentive to promote workplace safety.

The Toronto Star just released an article about the Ontario government cutting millions that supports workplace safety. The cutbacks follow a “thorough review of all government programs in order to ensure that valuable programs and services are sustainable,” according to ministry spokesperson Janet Deline, resulting in “difficult decisions with respect to funding agreements" ( The article further reveals that critics say that the cuts do not make any sense because workplace safety programs are not the burden of the Ontario government. In fact, the costs are fully reimbursed by the provincial workers’ compensation board and are not borne by the general public (

“It’s not even tax dollars. It makes no sense. It will not affect the provincial deficit,” said Maryth Yachnin, a lawyer with the Toronto-based legal clinic Industrial Accident Victims Group of Ontario. "It will ultimately lead to more accidents" (

The Toronto Star suggests that independent health and safety research that involves both employers and labour in project design has traditionally been a strength in Ontario, but the budget for it was small even before the cutbacks. Ontario is leading edge in focusing on the safety in the workplace. Business owners reinforce the importance of this by providing incentives within the company whereby employees receive employee recognition gifts in Ontario to acknowledge their role in workplace safety.

Promoting, reinforcing, and rewarding workplace safety encourages both employees, management, and business owners to work together as a team to ensure a safe work environment. Providing safety award gifts optimizes safety training participation and in turn results in employee wellness year round.

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