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Gratitude Goes A Long Way

Posted by | 12-06-2020

A "thank you" goes a long way and it should happen everyday in any organization and business. When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work. Praise and recognition are essential to an outstanding workplace. People want to be respected and valued by others for their contribution. When an employee and her work are appreciated, her satisfaction and thus her productivity improves. She gets motivated to maintain the standard or to improve it more.

The Globe and Mail published an article in June 2019 that suggested 5 ways to build a successful and meaningful employee recognition program. The article details a report from Sage People's research that found that being valued and recognized for contribution in the workplace are important to 66% of 3,500 people polled across Canada. The research revealed that recognition not only boosts individual employees' morale, but also it has an impact on the bottom line (

The article revealed that according to the Conference Board of Canada, almost 90% of Canadian companies and organizations have some type of formal rewards and recognition program (the This is so encouraging for both employers and employees across Canada.

Tips For Employee Recognition Programs

  1. Understand What Type of Appreciation Employees Want
It's important for all employers to get to know their employees personally, so that awards and rewards can be more relevant and specific. Public recognition in the form of presenting an award or certificate is very effective. Private recognition from an employer, co-worker or customer can be quite meaningful, and it has the potential to happen each working day. A promotion to a different position or a trip may be excellent ways to honour an employee as part of recognition programs in Canada.

2. Provide Instant Gratification Employee recognition programs in Toronto value the importance of recognizing an employee immediately for a job well done. Appreciating an employee instantly reinforces the behaviour an employer wants to see. On-the-spot rewards or weekly recognition have a better success rate of boosting employee productivity and engagement (

3. Ensure Recognition is Inclusive Employee recognition programs should be available to all employees. Hard work and dedication and creativity should always be rewarded, as opposed to just acknowledging employees who make money for the company.

4. Spend Money to Reward Employees A simple "thank you" goes a long way, especially if it's put into daily practice. However, plaques and watches and the like are so very significant to honour important milestones and years of service.

You Can't Put A Price on Gratitude

Showing gratitude and employee recognition from employers plays an important role in retaining workers. It is valuable to implement employee recognition programs in businesses, so that all aspects of the company can thrive.

A good leader creates a work environment in which people feel important and appreciated
. Business managers, principals, CEO's, all lead their teams with the ultimate goal to serve their customers. Employees who are recognized, rewarded, and thanked for this service provide the best customer care. An effective leader needs to demonstrate these practices through recognition service awards and employee service gifts all as part of employee recognition programs. Appreciating employees makes people feel valued, and in turn it increases work productivity and continued success of any business.  

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