Employees Should Be Recognized

Employees Should Be Recognized

Posted by | 14-08-2018

It is certainly part of our Canadian culture to work approximately 40 hours per week for approximately 30 years of our lives. Full-time, career inspired jobs comprise our workforce where people dedicate their lives to productivity and to earning a living in order to raise families, enjoy recreation and vacations, and for some, the pressing need to put food on the table. Regardless of what type of career or job, all employees should be recognized for their worth and effort. Service recognition rewards or service recognition awards can make a significant difference to both the employer and employee. When employees know that their efforts are appreciated, it increases their self-esteem and satisfaction with their job. A greater sense of self and worth often encourages people to aim for quality and increased productivity, and pride in their job. Organizations can provide different and unique incentives and service recognition reward programs to their employees depending on the culture of the environment and the needs and desires of the people. Effective communication between management and employees to discern a valuable service recognition reward program will create a successful, productive working environment. Service recognition rewards or awards can be offered and earned for reaching specific goals or producing high-quality results in the workplace. Service recognition reward programs are meant to encourage repeat actions and to create a more positive workplace where employees feel valued. The bottom line is that people need to feel important, regardless of the type of employment. A leader or owner or manager of a company can make a significant difference by implementing a service recognition reward program; in the end, both the employer and the employee benefit.

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