Employee Service Recognition

Employee Service Recognition

Posted by | 13-09-2019

Employee service recognition programs aren’t the same today as they were ten, or even five years ago. With the rapid changes in today’s workplace, employee service recognition programs that are effective and valued must adapt and change right alongside.

It used to be common practice to reward five and ten year milestones, and other long service awards. While these long service awards are still in place and very effective, it is now more common to see shorter time spans for employee service recognition milestones. Many companies today start recognizing their employees at one, two or three years of service (

One thing to consider in the workplace for employers is the presence of multiple generations working together along with an increase of younger generations coming into management level positions. The effect on the workplace is interesting and very dynamic. There are a lot of positive outcomes when you are able to blend a variety of talent and experience together. But it can also be a bit tricky because of the age gap and different values that are present in various generations. The key here is to use these differences to your advantage. Make the most of them. Recognize what’s important to them and find ways, even if they are very small thing, to give your employees what matters to them (

When it comes to employee service recognition programs, it is important to remember that many younger generations appreciate types of recognition that differ from those their elders prefer. Taking this into consideration can be a critical factor in improving employee retention across multiple generations. Tailoring an employee service recognition program to fit your group of employees will have a very positive effect on your workplace and allow you to achieve better results in your day-to-day operations, attract new talent and keep the stellar workers you already have (

Valuing and encouraging contributions from your employees at 1, 2, 3 and 5-year milestones is a great place to start inside your employee service recognition program. You can even implement a more incremental recognition program through points programs or peer-to-peer programs that allow you to track and reward certain actions and achievements. That means you can have a real impact on your team through immediate recognition.

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