Employee Safety is a Priority

Employee Safety is a Priority

Posted by | 12-05-2020

All workers have the right to work in a safe environment and to return home each day safe and sound. It is the responsibility of both the employer and employee to ensure workplace safety by enforcing and following outlined procedures.

Employee Recognition is a Basic Human Need

"Recognition and reward for a job well done fulfills a basic human need for acknowledgement and affirmation. When we are recognized for our contributions, we naturally engage at a higher level and contribute more" ( While employee safety awards are significant, it is vital that each company adhere to proper safety protocols. By doing this, employees feel looked after; they feel that their employer values the quality of their lives.

Key Safety Program Components

1. Safe work environment: It seems obvious but employee working areas must be safe from all potential hazards (both naturally occurring and man-made).
2. Safe work equipment: Again, this seems obvious, but it can be overlooked.
3. Invest in your safety department: Equip your safety team with adequate resources from experienced, knowledgeable safety professionals.
4. Hire "safe" people: Consistent attention should be paid in the hiring process to seek and hire individuals who exhibit high levels of responsible behaviour.
5. Effective training: Comprehensive and continuous employee safety training is critical for best results. Training is not a one-time seminar. It should be ever-present and ongoing (

Employee Safety Should Be A Priority

Safety award gifts within businesses can make a significant difference to employees. Safety award gifts add an extra incentive for all employees to follow and value proper protocol for both workplace and personal safety. The Ontario Ministry of Labour's occupational health and safety mandate is to set, communicate and enforce occupational health and safety legislation (the Occupational Health and Safety Act), and regulations. It also develops, coordinates and implements strategies to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses and can set standards for health and safety training (

Employers should note that the Act makes it clear that the employers have the greatest responsibilities with respect to health and safety in the workplace. However, all workplace parties have a role to play to ensure that health and safety requirements are met in the workplace. All workplace parties have a responsibility for promoting health and safety in the workplace and a role to play to help the workplace be in compliance with the statutory requirements set out under the Act (

Employee gift programs
for safety recognize the contributions that employees make to creating and upholding a healthy and safe work environment. Often safety awards are given annually, but it depends on the structure of businesses and how often they recognize their employees. A safe workplace is imperative to the success and production of factories, industrial workplaces, and manufacturing businesses. Within these environments, safety must be the priority. Safety award gifts provide further incentive for employees to remain dedicated to personal, team, and company safety.

When employee contributions are recognized, they feel valued. Valuing an employee directly translates to greater pride in productivity and overall success of the company. Health and safety are crucial and mandatory for all businesses, and so there is so much less concern when employees are dedicated to preventing injuries and creating safe working conditions. Receiving a safety award gift for carrying out the mission of workplace safety instills a sense of accomplishment and employee pride.

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