Employee Rewards are Important!

Employee Rewards are Important!

Posted by | 22-01-2019

Employee rewards in places like Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Alberta are set up by companies to reward employees for hard work and dedication. Rewards are not always attached to salary or hourly wages, but employers can offer monetary rewards to their staff if they choose Employers can recognize their employees in many ways that do not cost money; often a verbal recognition can go a long way to inspire employees to keep doing a good job. Hand written notes, certificates, e-cards, and highlighting successes in company newsletters all work to appreciate others. Often simply trusting employees to do their job well is enough to create a positive working environment. Although non-monetary rewards are good practice for all employers, it is often important to reward employees with material goods, so that they connect the value of the reward to the value of their hard work. Employees respond positively to recognition of their good work because it confirms that they are valued and it motivates them to continue to be productive. So whether an employer chooses an intrinsic reward system such as verbal praises or hand written notes, or extrinsic rewards that may include bonuses, gifts, or monetary raises, an employee recognition program in Canada is significant and valuable to all successful work environments. In the end, an effective employee reward program will help any organization be more competitive, ensure employee retention, and above all encourage further team work and investment in the company.

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