Employee Recognition Programs

Employee Recognition Programs and Engagement

Posted by | 27-11-2019

In order to work effectively, companies and employers need to recognize their employees in real-time and personalize their recognition. Employees play an integral role in the success of any business. Engaging employees must be done so honestly and with purpose. If an employer rewards an employee with the intent to get something in exchange, i.e greater effort or engagement, then an employee will see the lack of integrity and thus potentially become less engaged. Employee recognition programs across Canada are vital components to the prosperity of any company, as well as the success of all employees. Employee recognition at work has to become a natural part of a successful leader/employer. Leaders must appreciate and understand the impact that recognizing a colleague or an employee can have on the business. Furthermore, it’s important that recognition is consistent and honest. Everyone in the organization has to be accountable for recognizing each other, particularly managers. A simple thanks can go a long way inside the structure of any company or organization. Employee recognition rewards in Canada increase their worth when the employer or organization states specifically what the recipient is being recognized for. An intimate knowledge of one's employees adds greater value to the employee recognition award. It's important to identify what they did and why and how their actions matter. It is vital to be specific because it identifies and reinforces the desired behaviour. People feel the most valued when it’s sincere. While presenting the employee recognition award, it is significant to explain how the behaviour and performance made you feel as an employer, and how in fact their actions added value to the team and organization. It is crucial for businesses to recognize their employees at the moment things happen. When it’s out of context it doesn’t have the same impact. By recognizing them in real time, an employer is able to make sure that the employee will remember your action and why his/her contribution was good. The bottom line is that it is necessary to give sincere acknowledgement for good work as part of employee recognition programs in Canada. In doing so, people feel cared for, experience growth opportunities, and develop trust.

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