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Employee Recognition Makes Happy Employees

Posted by | 18-12-2019

Employee rewards and employee recognition increase motivation, and improve and combat stress in the workforce during the holiday season, as well these reward and recognition programs keep morale and productivity high throughout the year. Gift cards can make an ideal reward or gift for employees at the end of the year, giving staff something they can set aside. Whether it’s gift cards for a supermarket to help cover Christmas food costs or passes to take the family out to the movies, these little things can really make a difference when money is so tight. These kind of incentives can play a significant role in your company's employee recognition program. Employees want rewards that make them feel valued, and money isn't usually the answer to make a person feel valued. Inside an employee reward program, employee gifts for the holidays can come in the form of simple items like water bottles or key chains adorned with the company logo, or more elaborate items like watches or crystal or Pandora jewellery. Employee recognition programs are even more effective if the reward matches the recipient; an employer who genuinely knows his/her employees will make the best decisions when it comes to employee gifts. Personalized rewards make employees feel valued. Incentives and rewards shouldn’t be viewed as a way to bribe staff into working harder – they should be provided to make employees feel valued for the work they do for the organisation. Currently, millennials make up the majority of the global workforce, and people are living longer and reaching retirement age much later than previous generations. For this reason, investing in employee recognition programs, whether your business is large or small, will ensure your business attracts and retains talented individuals for longer. Employee rewards and your employee recognition program help to motivate your employees to exhibit positive behaviour and overcome challenging situations by keeping a firm perspective on the desired business outcomes. Furthermore, rewarding the repetition of positive actions encourages greater transparency and job satisfaction. Essentially, happy employees make for happy clients and customers, which in turn leads to greater productivity and revenue for your company.  

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