Employee Recognition and Safety Awards

Employee Recognition and Safety Awards

Posted by | 07-02-2020

What is the purpose of an employee safety award? Employee safety awards recognize the contributions that employees make to create and uphold a healthy and safe work environment. Often safety awards are given annually, but it depends on the structure of businesses and how often they recognize their employees. Most safety awards are team focused, but some can be granted to individuals or organizations. Employee safety rewards in Canada stretch across many different types of organizations and are often an integral part of any successful company. A safe workplace is imperative to the success and production of factories, industrial workplaces, and manufacturing businesses. Within these environments, safety must be the priority. In keeping with this protocol and philosophy, employees receive safety award gifts in places all across Canada. For instance, safety award gifts are common practice in Toronto and Vaughan, Ontario.


Employee safety awards are part of employee service reward programs that are set up by companies to acknowledge and reward performance and productivity, and to motivate individuals or groups of employees. Rewards are normally considered separate from salary, but they may be in monetary form or otherwise have a cost to the company. Service program rewards may be in the form of gift cards, cash, or other incentives like discounts or time off work. Top named brands like Bulova, Pandora, Swarovski, Waterford Crystal can be shipped across Canada to meet the needs of employers who opt to present safety award gifts and service awards to their employees. Exclusive brands show employees that they are worthy and valued as a result of their dedication to health and safety. A service rewards program is not only used to motivate employees to achieve better results in their job, but also it helps employees to develop their job skills. Service rewards programs often lead to higher pay when performing more challenging tasks than normal tasks of the job. When an employee works and helps a company or organization to achieve its goals, a reward often follows inside a service awards program. This is an invaluable tool in any company to reach its greatest success by improving productivity and employee satisfaction.


When employee contributions are recognized, they feel valued. Valuing an employee directly translates to greater pride in productivity and overall success of the company. Health and safety are crucial and mandatory for all businesses, and so there is so much less concern when employees are dedicated to preventing injuries and creating safe working conditions. Receiving a safety award gift for carrying out the mission of workplace safety instills a sense of accomplishment and employee pride.  

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