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Empathy and Employee Service Rewards

Posted by | 26-05-2020

Employees may be experiencing a high degree of uncertainty, worry and stress about the health and safety of their loved ones, and how this pandemic may disrupt their work and personal lives during COVID 19.

Take Care of Your Employees

While employers are preparing responses to safeguard their business operations and protect the physical health of their employees during this crisis, it’s important to consider everyone’s psychological health and safety, too. It's important for all employers to have a plan and to communicate with their employees regularly, especially if they are isolating and working from home. Empathy will be crucial in order to understand the mental and physical well-being of your employees. It's important to recognize that business will not operate as usual, but that everyone will work together to get through this pandemic together. Now more than ever employers must show their employees that they are valued and vital to the success of their business. Honouring your existing employee service award program or creating one for the first time is exceptionally relevant and timely.

Employee service award programs are integral to the success of any business and the overall productivity of its employees. It is important to realize that employees still not only want good pay and benefits during this pandemic, they also want to be treated fairly, to make a substantial contribution to the organization through their work, and to be valued and appreciated for their efforts. To show appreciation, many employers implement ongoing recognition programs designed to thank employees for a variety of achievements. However, during COVID 19, employers may have to get a bit more creative in what and how they present these service awards. Employee service rewards can range from simple spoken or written thank-you notes to cash or gift cards for restaurants to watches, trophies or glass plaques. These awards can be presented at the work place while maintaining social distancing or they can be delivered to the employees' home. It is imperative that employees continue to be thanked for their continued service during these trying times. 

At the end of the day, if employees are recognized they in turn feel valued which ultimately leads to greater productivity and job satisfaction, whether it is from remote locations or in the office proper. Employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work. When employees are recognized they feel valued for the work they do. When employees are valued for their work, their satisfaction and productivity increases, and they are motivated to maintain their good work. Presenting deserving employees with recognition gifts or service awards reinforces the overall values of the company which embody recognition for hard work and productivity.

Employee Service Rewards Make A Difference!

Employee service award programs often lead to higher pay when performing more challenging tasks than normal tasks of the job. When an employee works and helps a company or organization to achieve its goals, a reward often follows inside a service reward program. This is an invaluable tool in any company to reach its greatest success by improving productivity and employee satisfaction. The greatest success of a service rewards program is where the incentives are large enough to be meaningful to employees. In turn, employees must be flexible to meet the needs and timelines the employer imposes to earn the reward. Employers always need to follow through with their promises by matching the employee productivity with the demands of the employer. Overall, a service rewards program ensures a more positive and productive work environment for all members. It leads people to feel better about themselves and their jobs. A service rewards program truly is a win-win scenario.

With a "we are all in this together" approach, employers create a work situation where their employees feel safe and that their personal well-being is of the utmost importance. This pandemic has changed the way people in Ontario, and across the world, operate inside their businesses and their homes. An employer who shows empathy will ultimately run a successful business.  

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